# 16 Live@0047, Oslo & Rönnells antikvariat, Stockholm & House of Win Win, Gothenburg

16_AudiatourAudiaTour 2008

October 22-24:

Beata Berggren, Caroline Bergvall, Robert Fitterman, Ellen Grimsmo Foros, Giles Goodland, Ulf Karl Olov Nilsson, Peder Alexis Olsson, Kim Rosenfield and Gwenaëlle Stubbe.

Other travelers/readers/translators: Paal Bjelke Andersen, Susanne Christensen, Coco Fitterman, Simen Hagerup, Audun Lindholm, Thomas Lundbo, Judith Nærland, Daniel Slettevold and Martin Sørhaug.

For the generation of experimental poets first emerging in the 80s and 90s, there has clearly been a desire to engage or re-claim the personal. I am interested in the inclusion of subjectivity and personal experience; I just prefer if it isn’t my own. Today I have access to an unlimited number of personal utterances and expressions from the gut, or the heart. Why listen to my gut when I could listen to thousands of guts? And/or in another paradigm, my gut tells me what to include, perceive, conceive, etc.
– Robert Fitterman

What interests me very particularly at this point in time are audioworks and multimedia writings that work not only as a combination of poetic and artistic text productions, but also as a combination between oral and aural works. Works where the social sourcing of voices and sounds are integrated to the audio text. And the ways in which this can also favour the exploration of speech patterns, of aural (socially inscribed) sounds as much as of poetic discourses and cultural technologies.
– Caroline Bergvall

My collage is not aleatory, these are not ‘found’ poems but researched poems. The poetry is in the research. In these poems, collage is an attempt at social critique, using the tools of the dominant discourse: empirical, verifiable statements. I would like these poems to be taken as academic papers from which the literal layer of argument has been stripped, leaving the substrate of supporting quotation and apparatus.
– Giles Goodland

In collaboration with Audiatur – festival for ny poesi, OEI and Gothenburg poetry festival.

Pictures from 0047, Oslo


Robert Fitterman

Ellen Grimsmo Foros

16_GoodlandGiles Goodland

16_RosenfieldKim Rosenfield

16_StubbeGwenäelle Stubbe

16_StubbeetcGwenäelle Stubbe & Thomas Lundbo

16_FittermanetcRobert Fitterman & his Norwegian translator

16_FilmmakerThe filmmaker



Readings. Date: October 22nd–24th.


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