# 24 Live@Podium, Oslo

The books shown at the exhibition The Living Dead Walked again (A Celebration of Collecting as the Esperanto of Globalisation), organized by OCA Office for Contemporary Anarchy at Podium.


Private party for the losers and hobos from the Nordic Dubais Venice Pavillion at Podium. Remember strict dresscode and hardcore mingling while DJ Trond Reinholdtsen gives us italian-flavored grooves inducing the psychogeography of Venice. The avantgarde of Scandinavian lounge aestethics, IKEA, gives us a transnational interscandinavian globalised art event. As a celebration of the living dead left behind in the collectors storage space.

Curatorial statment
The public might be guided on a tour through a small storage space for an eclectic art collection, while being told stories of Marcel Broodthaers hauntings of the place. A remake of his work from 1964 “Casserole and Closed Mussels” will lead the visitors to the neighboring Nordic Dubai backyard – a flamboyant graffiti extravaganza. Inside they will encounter mysterious installations, free drinks and the chilled theoretical grooves from tekstfuckers – in an environment that could be a case study motif taken from a Francis Bacon painting.

As the title of the show indicates, the living dead will approach the topic of collecting, and the phrenology behind the practice of expressing oneself through metaphysical objects.


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