# 26 Claude Closky: De første tusen tallene kategorisert i alfabetisk rekkefølge

Claus Closky 1000 omslag v5At first sight, Claude Closky is an artist who rubs shoulders with immateriality. He is at ease with electronic media, and some of the objects he makes do not reveal themselves instantly: the books, for example. Among the materials he uses — images, texts, numbers, and sounds sampled from our environment — language seems to be the most direct instrument of appropriation. But this does not make his work any less concerned with its material specificity, its degree of visibility, with how it occupies the space.

Closky takes hold of the most ordinary modes of everyday communication and lays open its forms by discreetly re-articulating it, or redistributing visibility or words. He plays with the day-to-day rules, codes and hierarchies that punctuate our existence.

You think you’re slipping into automatic actions, but in fact you have entered a maze. The result can be surprising, the disappointment is calculated, and a persistent throbbing remains.

– Bogdan

Claude Closky lives in Paris. He works with different media, video, photography, internet, painting. More information is available on his web sites http://www.sittes.net and http://www.closky.info

Read the first pages online here. Order it from Audiatur Bokhandel. (From August 22.)

Bok, 16 sider, 200 eksemplarer, in Norwegian.
Oversatt av Paal Bjelke Andersen
Price: 50 NKR.
On sale: August 22, 2009.
ISBN: 978-82-93029-01-4


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